The Idea Celebrate everything.

We often rush past the little things in our lives.  We think about our friends/family/tribe/self - but we don't stop to celebrate.  

We wanted to create an easy way to send happiness - we literally want everyone to send happy things.  There is no greater feeling then being happy - and we're here to help you deliver it!

Celebrate each other.

Style & Quality

We've curated gifts that we want to receive.  Many of these items are gifts we've given friends (or each other).  There's nothing here that we wouldn't want and we think you'll love them too!

We're always looking for the next fun thing to add - so keep checking back!


We're looking for local-prenuers! (Is that a thing? It should be.)  We want to source and work with our local community.  Of course a lot of our items aren't local (we're still growing!) - but our goal is to work with people in our local community as much as possible.

We want to spread the happy from our warehouse to our customers doors!


happiness is... giving a gift to someone that you know they’ll love
— Anonymous